About Us

Be Professional

Our aim is to eliminate the unsafe and impractical use of wheelie bins and tubs within the sporting landscape. Athletes who devote so much time, blood, sweat and tears into their preparation and performance deserve the best.

Ice Me Recovery Baths have been designed to provide a safe, transportable and professional means of ice bathing, allowing athletes to recover wherever and whenever required. Taking only seconds to setup, with rapid filling time and a range of athlete comfort features, Ice Me Recovery Baths are today’s solution to a long standing gap in athlete recovery.

Be Safe

Safety is our top priority.

After participating in intense and vigorous competition, resulting in high levels of muscular and mental fatigue, soreness, stiffness and even injury, the practice of athletes climbing in and out of bins and tubs on a wet surface is an accident waiting to happen. To state the obvious, wheelie bins are not designed for athletes!

Ice Me Recovery Baths have addressed the following safety concerns to protect athletes:

  • Wheels on the carry case to enable safe and efficient transportation
  • A light and easy to setup aluminum frame
  • Steps with added grip for safe entering and exiting of ice bath
  • Adjustable rubber feet for stability on uneven and wet surfaces
  • Low bath height and a seated recovery position
  • Drainage hose for easy and efficient drainage
  • Removable bag to enable efficient cleaning; eliminating hygiene issues

An Occupational Health and Safety report found that using wheelie bins for ice bathing imposed a Residual Risk Factor of 18 (possible with major consequences). The Ice Me Recovery Bath was six times safer with a Residual Risk Factor of 3 (rare with minor consequences).

Let’s take care of our athletes!

Be Better

Muscle damage occurs in the majority of competitive sports or any activity requiring high levels of muscle exertion. When muscle fibres are damaged, they become tender, sore and stiff. This damage is commonly referred to as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). In an attempt to reduce DOMS, sporting teams complete post-match active recovery sessions accompanied with cold-water therapy, or contrast therapy (hot/cold).

Research suggests that these methods improve recovery after matches and practice by:

  • Reducing the initial stages of injury/micro injury
  • Reducing swelling
  • Stimulating blood flow
  • Removing by-products of exercise, including inorganic phosphates, lactic acid and heat.

This enables athletes to perform better, faster.

Be Known

Ice Me strives to integrate all stakeholders within the sporting landscape. It provides the option of custom signage for clubs, sponsors and businesses to promote their brand and be seen on a large scale in enhancing professionalism and safety for athletes.

To find out more about our custom options please contact us