“No one likes going to the beach in the middle of winter for recovery. We’ve been able to recover in the comfort of our own homes following games with the Ice Me Recovery Bath”

“The girls get a lot of knocks during a game – It’s been very convenient and beneficial to be able to bring these baths to all of our games to optimize our recovery."

“It’s important for my quality of training that I recover to the best of my ability – I use the Ice Me Recovery Bath following every session to freshen my body up and be ready for the next session”

“Throughout my career we’ve always used wheelie bins in stadiums around Australia for ice bathing. - It’s been great to finally have a professional and safe alternative.”

“These portable Ice Baths have enhanced our professionalism and recovery protocols as we can now recover wherever and whenever we need”

“Recovery is a huge part of my preparation to perform at the highest level – Ice Me have provided a professional method to get my extra recovery sessions completed”

Professional. Portable. Safe.
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